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Who are PWG Members

Our community members come from diverse backgrounds and find themselves in different stages of their careers. But they share the  desire to network with other professional  women, share experiences and ideas, and expand their skills as they  build their future.

Meet our Members


Sabine van T Hart

Founder of Puricious

Joining PWG Zurich in 2015 has been such a great decision! I have been pleasantly surprised to find a group of women, who are so supportive and kind to one another. The group feels like family to me and I always look forward to the events. Every event is very interesting and I have learned so much through the Think Tanks and special monthly events! From creative events at Google to charity events, we always have so much fun with the group!


I also really like the mix between both corporate / entrepreneurial women in the group. Personally, I have also been very lucky to have won a brand make-over from PWG that included consultancy from a wonderful brand strategist (Tsitaliya Mircheva-Petrova) and a full photoshoot with the talented photographer (Natalie von Harscher) at the Schminkbar at Modissa in Zurich! This experience was one of a kind and so much fun! 


I am grateful to PWG and all of its members for the many memories we have created and I cherish! I am excited to be part of such a lovely club and highly recommend other women in / around Zurich to join this fun and empowering club! 

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Aurelie Litynski

Being a member of PWG opened a lot of new doors for me. I always meet very interesting women and make new connections. I still remember the first time I attended a monthly event, I came back home so energized and had so many ideas to start my project faster than expected!


Attending the Think Tanks helped me as well a lot to develop my business and get constructive feedbacks from other members. I am now an active volunteer for the organization of the yearly PWG Conference and love to support the club whenever I can. I would recommend PWG to any business woman who wants to boost her current carrier or explore new opportunities.


Giada Varvello

Change Agent, Coach, Consultant

I’ve joined the PWG after I moved to Zürich to create my new professional network. PWG is a place where you can connect and meet women with so many different stories. You will find passionate corporates, brave entrepreneurs, women willing to make a career change.


The atmosphere is always welcoming and stimulating at the same time. I would suggest everyone to join the Club!

Tsitaliya Mircheva

Brand Strategist & Creative Director
Founder of Mum in Heels

I joined PWG about a year ago and I’ve been quite active within the network despite how busy I am lately. However, I really enjoy the sense of belonging and understanding I receive every time I go to their events or workshops. I’ve had many meaningful conversations with some members, which have nothing to do with the sole purpose to hand your biz card and move on.


 Another thing I really like about PWG is that here I find exactly my kind of crowd: purpose-driven, dynamic, forward thinking, open-minded women, who genuinely celebrate and support each other.   I am also grateful for the constant support I get from the women within the network, who have encouraged me to speak and share my expertise and journey as a mumpreneur several times.


As much as I like being on the stage speaking, I enjoy being in the audience too, because every topic the network chooses for their events feels close to my heart and life at the moment. You can tell that everything they doing reflects what is going on in our lives today as modern women, biz owners, career women and mums.  Including the fun events I’ve been to! I can feel this network is listening to their members and whatever they organize or do resonates deeply with the women living here, but also outside of Switzerland!


Join us!

Join PWG and become part of an engaged and inspired community. The first and oldest international career networking platform for professional women in Zurich. 
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